Art Deco



Toilet box. Art Deco.

1930s Art Deco Building from 15th to 17th Street. Sacramento.
Napier, Hastings Art Deco Building.
Napier (North Island, New Zealand) is also the 'Art Deco' capital of the world.

Marlin hotel          Building 116

Century Hotel
The southern end of Miami Beach, Florida, USA contains a rich collection of Art Deco architecture, the most famous of which are a series of small hotels facing towards the beach.
Larger and more flamboyant hotels were built after World War II as Miami Beach expanded to the north. By the late 1970s, development pressures threatened the Art Deco district.
A group of local citizens recognized the uniqueness of the area and sought to preserve the architectural heritage the buildings represented. One of their approaches was to have HABS document the district in large format photographs. Those photographs were widely published and helped to generate national interest in the Art Deco district.
Today, many of the buildings were restored to their original splendor as the area has been revitalized and once again become popular.

Art Deco Buildings.

Art Deco Door.

Raphaƫl Lacoste.
"Art Deco" (Bordeaux)

Art deco lampa, 1930.
Art Deco perfume bottles

Tim Orson. Art deco bar.

Art Deco Style Violets with Raised enamel on this 8 inch coup plate

Art Deco with Leaves Frame. This is a handsome hand-carved frame, suitable for almost any artwork. In the larger sizes, the corner carving appears proportionally smaller.

Art Deco Convex Frame. This simple convex frame is our most popular. It is suitable for all types of artwork, but especially for more modern prints and paintings.


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